Our services

Running chilling/ freezing applications in tropical and humid climates is always a challenge for many businesses. Not only do technical hiccups cripple a company's production, management also faces rising utility costs particularly since refrigeration equipment are known to be greedy in energy consumption.

In general, clients face these following issues-

  • * Rising utility costs
  • * Long freezing times of goods
  • * Unable to reach set room temperature
  • * Condensation and icing on insulated panels
  • * Over charging of refrigerant
  • * Disputes with contractors/ manufacturers arising from refrigeration system defect

In JMM Consulting Services, we understand your issues. We have designed a range of professional services to help businesses run their chilling/ freezing applications more smoothly while at the same time, ensuring energy costs is kept to a minimal.

Design and Engineering

An efficient refrigeration system design associated with first-class engineering benefit clients by bringing sustainable operational and equipment performance.

  • - Heat Load Calculation/ Energy Balance
  • - Energy efficient refrigeration system design
  • - Refrigeration equipment advisory and selection
  • - Pipe sizing & geometry (Isometric Diagram)
  • - Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • - Google 3D Sketch
Tender Management
  • - Develop technical specifications for tender documents
  • - Management of tendering process
Forensic Engineering
  • - Perform investigation to locate cause(s) of failure
  • - Collect data related to materials, products that failed
  • - Expert Witness and testimony in court cases
Energy Management
  • - Measurement & Verification Plan